See you soon

Hey guys! After my short stay on Blogsport, I decided to move. At this point, thanks a million to Friu, who built a nice, new hideout for me. That’s where I‘m going to store all my artwork.
Just have a look.

Tante Jo

Flyer: P.U.F.F., Diät, Brudte Løfter, The Jim Tablowski Experience

Collab with Tom Fonda

Tom Is The Bastard

Flyer: Comics & Politik

Poster: Patsy O‘Hara, Hysterese

Poster: Hardcore Winterfest IX

Poster: Unrest, Septic Dieter

Drawing: Hysterese

Shirt Graphic: Hysterese

Shirt Graphic: The Orions

Poster: New Direction Fest III

Poster: No More Art, De Hoje Haele

Header: Laden

Drawing: The Initiation

Poster: Hardcore Winterfest VIII